A comprehensive school counseling program is an integral component of Jubilee Hills Public School’s academic mission. The school counsellor designs and delivers comprehensive school counseling programs that promote student achievement. These programs are comprehensive in scope, preventive in design and developmental in nature.

The counsellor is also responsible for the Health and Wellness clubs established in the School as per the CBSE guidelines. The Health and Wellness Clubs focuses on the overall wellbeing comprising emotional, social and mental health of the child. Activities related to various dimensions of health and wellness with a focus on holistic development are conducted on a weekly basis for all classes. Health Cards have been created for each and every student to monitor continuous growth and development of the child.

Working with Students:

The educational, academic, career, personal, and social needs of all students within the school setting, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, are the focus in planning and delivering a developmental, comprehensive guidance and counselling program.

Working with Parents/Guardians:

Parents/guardians fulfill a primary role in the lives of their children. Collaboration with parents in the best interest of students is a key activity of the school counsellor.

Consultation Support Offered:

School counselors work together with other certified teachers and professionals to increase opportunities for success in the lives of all learners. School counsellors provide education, guidance, and counselling to all students in the school through activities such as:
* One-on-one individualized sessions
* Awareness programs and workshops
* Health and Wellness Clubs and Exposure talks
* Group counselling

Educational planning and services are coordinated in the best interest of the student. Information is shared with adherence to appropriate guidelines for confidentiality.