“The School will develop and utilize the opportunities inherent in the information society to improve quality of life, knowledge, international competitiveness and interaction in an exemplary, versatile and sustainable way. The school will nurture the students in desired values and culture as is expected of a good society.”.


The School will improve its technology, promote e-learning pedagogy and lead the teachers and students towards a better teaching learning process.


  • Planning and managing resources like human, time, and finances with optimum utility.
  • Knowledge of the latest educational changes and implementation of the same with ease.
  • Understanding anthological (adult) issues and dealing with adults and dealing with parents.
  • Collaborating with other institutes for cross fertilization of ideas.
  • Self motivated and committed, firm believer and practitioner of secular values and nationalist in spirit.

These strengths will be optimally utilized for the institutional beliefs and vision. Research bent of mind will be an additional qualification to mobilize rational and inquisitive answers to the contradictions and decisions.

Every opportunity to achieve the set target within the stipulated time will be the focus.

Positive thinking, synergic collaborations and creative execution will anchor the naval ship of education and steer it to heights of enviable stature.