Youth for Seva

A ‘Community Development Programme’ was organized as a part of Social Responsibility by the school on 9th December, 2015. Taking part in such programmes helps students to empathize in order to bring about a positive change in the society and learn to be responsible citizens.

A team of students from classes 8 to 10 were taken to Mandal Parishad Pradhan Unnata Pathshala which is located in Gopulapuram, Shankarpally Mandal to distribute school bags, water bottles, notebooks and dictionaries to the students of the school.

The team from JHPS received a rousing welcome from the Mandal Education Officer Mr. Syed Akbar, the Sarpanch Smt. Konte Yadamma, the Chairman Mr. Cheera Guttaiah, the Head Master Mr. D. Anjaiah, the teachers and the students of the school.

One of the teachers, in his speech compared the qualities of King Alexander with King Ashoka. Though, both wanted to conquer the world, King Ashoka chose to do it with love and kindness after the destructive Kalinga war. An eye opener for our students which also made them empathize with the students of the Government school, was an interview, in which the latter spoke about their travails in this remote area of the state. The students of JHPS were also taken aback when they came to know that the farmers in this area were still using the traditional methods of farming with limited water supply.

This programme was initiated by one of the parents Sri. Konda Srikanth, coordinator of ‘Youth for Seva Programme.’