The LKG students of Jubilee Hills Public School celebrated “Pratibha Darshan” with a theme “Kudrat Ki Karishma” on 06.01.2024 in the school premises.

Children love to listen and enact the stories. Stories possess magical quality, the power to transport us into different worlds.

The Headmistress welcomed the gathering and stated that “As a bedrock of development”, Pre-Primary education ensures the physical, mental and emotional growth of the child. Our today’s theme is a part of the LKG curriculum. Our aim is only to bring the kids to stage to overcome the fear.

The “Kudrat Ki Karishma” focused on popular stories on animals. The little wonders presented the programme which was the merger of jungle safari, the beautiful animal world beneath the water, showcasing the unconditional love of pet animals and lovely and lively Mowgli’s world. Last but not the least the little performers were able to tickle the funny bone of the audience by enacting as some jovial clowns. Children lighten up the motto that nature is our treasure and it need to be preserved.

The Principal, Ms. P. Kanchana Valli addressed the gathering and appreciated that the students performances. She said to the parents to spend more time with their children as they need more attention. Parents should refrain from inculcating stubbornness in their kids. The school with the help of parents can shape their future.
The Senior Principal Ms. M. Varalakshmi appreciated the performance of the students and effort of the teachers. Parents were enthralled by seeing spectacular performances of their children and expressed their gratitude to the management and teachers for giving opportunities to exhibit such a well co-ordinated show.
Students also delivered heart touching speeches on the theme which spoke highly of their public speaking skills as well as their understanding of the theme.

The programme concluded with the parent’s feedback and their views on the performance of their children. They expressed their gratitude to the Management and teachers for giving opportunities to the children to exhibit such a well co-ordinated show.


Posted on December 25, 2023