The visit to Birla Planetarium and Science Museum was organised for the students of Class 6 to Class 8 from 4th August 2023 to 7 August 2023 to enhance their understanding of Science and also to educate the students about the latest discoveries and theories related to the Universe.

The Birla Planetarium acted as no less than a knowledge bank for the general masses and it does so by being both informative and entertaining at the same time. Students were excited to have a 3D view of the things that they had just imagined to be as huge luminous objects somewhere out there in the Universe. Students saw how stars, planets and other objects like meteorites and asteroids are not only different from each other but also how these differences keep the universe stable.

The science Museum is the fact that dissemination of information is done in an interactive way. Interactive Science Centre is one of the many sections where exhibits are designed based on various physics laws, mechanics, perception, vibration and sounds, energy and motors, concepts of optical illusions and many other concepts. Mix colours, Arch Bridge, Magic ball, Lift yourself up, Action-reaction, pedal power are a few of the exhibits at the interaction Science section.

Posted on September 27, 2023

Field Trip by Secondary classes 9 & 10.

VENUE : GHMC Rain Water Harvesting Park by students of Std 9 & 10.

On 8.08.23, the school organized a field trip to the Greater Hyderabad
Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Rain Water Harvesting Park in Hyderabad. The primary objective of the trip was to provide students with an interactive learning experience about rainwater harvesting, water conservation, and sustainable practices in urban environments. The field trip started in the morning when our school buses arrived at the GHMC Rain Water Harvesting Park. The excitement among students was palpable.

The students stepped off the buses and were greeted by knowledgeable guides who led us through the park’s various exhibits and activities. The group was divided into smaller batches, each accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. The guide led the students through the park, explaining rainwater harvesting techniques, models, and installations. The students got a chance to see the various ways rainwater could be collected and stored. They also visited the Talking Tree theme park and the mini theatre where they saw informative videos on steps taken to conserve rainwater. At different points along the tour, there were interactive demonstrations where students could actively engage with the rainwater harvesting systems. We visited the zodiac sign park where there were trees resembling different sun signs. The park showcased scaled-down models of buildings, houses, and landscapes, each equipped with different rainwater harvesting systems. This allowed us to visualize how these systems could be integrated into real-life scenarios and make a positive impact on water conservation.

Once the tour ended questions were posed by our guide. This provided an opportunity to clarify any doubts the students had and learn more about the practical implementation of rainwater harvesting techniques.
The field trip to the GHMC Rain Water Harvesting Park had a profound educational impact on all the students. The students gained insights into the significance of rainwater harvesting in addressing water scarcity and learned how small actions can have a big impact on water conservation. The interactive nature of the trip made the concepts more relatable and memorable. The field trip directly complemented what the students learned in the classrooms about environmental conservation and sustainable practices. Seeing real-world examples, being able to interact with the installations reinforced the understanding and inspired the students to consider how practices can help in day to day life.

In conclusion, the school field trip to the GHMC Rain Water Harvesting Park was a memorable and enriching experience for all.
The park’s dedication to education and community engagement makes it an exceptional resource for promoting sustainable practices among the younger generation.

Posted on September 27, 2023


Jubilee Hills Public School sought the divine blessings of lord Ganesha as it celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi on the 15th of September,2023, a festivity put up by the students of class 6,7 and 8. The special assembly was embellished by the gracious presence of the Chairman JHPS, Shri A Murali Mukund, Principal Smt. M Varalakshmi and Vice Principal Smt. Kanchana Valli. The event began with a slokam accompanied by song in hail of Ganesha as the guests were welcomed to light the lamp and offer an auspicious pooja to the lord. Then, a speech was delivered on the festival and the celebration it brings, along with a story on how the Mooshika became Ganesha’s vaahana (transport).

A chanting of the Ganesha Pancharatnam was presented by the students of class 6, amidst the rhythmic clapping of the audience and guests. This was followed by a mythological play, set forth by the 7th graders, that visually portrayed the tale behind Ganesha being named Ekadanta. The next performance paid reverence to God in the form of dance by the class 8 students. In conclusion, a vote of thanks was proposed in gratitude for the guests and teachers for their constant support and encouragement.

The audience were appreciated for receiving the program well. Finally, in the words of the Vice Principal, Lord Ganesha’s actions teach us to value and respect our teachers and elders. She enlightened that one must know their strengths and weaknesses, and act accordingly.

Posted on September 27, 2023

Visit to the FDDI for Classes XI & XII

On 20th September 2023, students of classes 11 & 12 of Jubilee Hills Public School visited the FOOTWEAR DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE OF India (FDDI) located in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The students were given an opportunity to design clothes, footwear, and handbags. It provided a chance to explore the world of fashion, and work with team spirit, which resulted in beautiful designs being made by the students.

This hands-on experience provided the students with a chance to interact with experts in the field which served as a means to expand their understanding of fashion while at the same time appreciate the intricate process of designing on a deeper level. The trip helped to put their creativity to test with a series of fun filled activities. The trip was a resounding success as it provided educational insight and inspired creativity. All in all, it was an enriching experience that opened new horizons for students to explore to career options.

Posted on September 26, 2023


Jubilee Hills Public School celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi festival on 15.09.23 in the school premises. The tiny tots were told about the significance of Ganesh Chaturthi.

“Wisdom like Ganesha is what we all must desire”. It is a festival that marks the birth of Lord Ganesha and the symbol of wisdom which removes all obstacles.

The cultural programme started with a prayer song.

Students performed various dance performances on the beats of the songs ‘Gajanana’ and ‘Galli Ka Ganesh’ which followed by a skit depicting Ganesha’s birth by little tots.

The little dancing stars rocked on a medley of Ganesh songs which added splendor to the entire assembly. The festival awakened devotion, creativity, understanding and learning amongst children.

Posted on September 21, 2023


To seek the blessings of Lord Krishna, Janmastami was celebrated at Jubilee Hills Public School on 06.09.23 to have an extraordinary bond between children and Almighty.

Students dressed up as Lord Krishna with Flute, Peacock feathers, Radha and Gopikas with Matkas.

The premise was decorated beautifully and the spirit of festivity was enhanced with different dance styles by little buddies depicting the birth history of Lord Krishna.

The celebration that followed was truly entertaining and inspiring.

The entire programme enthralled the audience with a special performance on Dahi Handi which was mindblowing.

The festival is celebrated with great jubilation and grandeur as the little Krishna’s enthusiastically shattered the earthen pot known as “Dahi Handi”.

Posted on September 21, 2023


Academic field trips are a learning platform not only to gain understanding about the subject but also to help the students develop their holistic excellence. JHPS organised an educational field trip for class V students to National Institute of Rural Development on 15th September, 2023 located at Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad.

This learning helped the students to understand how sustainable development helps to cater a positive and healthy lifestyle and how an entrepreneur can start eco-friendly small scale business by manufacturing products like soap, oil, shampoo, honey, medicinal herbs, and household cleaners for the public. Such products do not cause any harm to the human kind since they are chemical free and do not use harmful fertilisers.

The main highlight was ‘Sustainable Development Projects’ which were demonstrated to the students. To name a few, that caught the rapt attention of students are:
• ‘Portable Biogas Plant’, producing cooking gas from kitchen waste
• Sewage linked Bio gas plant
• Projects on wastage of electricity

They got an opportunity to learn how handmade paper is made from waste material, natural dyeing of yarn, vermi-composting of organic manure and herbal products. Students saw different types of dwellings like bamboo house, mud house and houses with different types of roofs.

Students really enjoyed watching the different processes and they made a note of each to share their knowledge with their friends. It also helped them in expanding horizons while building the curriculum in a meaningful and exciting way. It also inspired students and teachers to gain knowledge.

Posted on September 19, 2023

Bharat Vansh

Bharat Vansh a Spectacle of skill and talent organised by Jubilee Hills Public School on 2nd September, 2023 was exhibited by each and every student of Class V through an astounding programme ‘Bharat Vansh’. We believe in each child’s overall growth and development, so provide a platform to do so through Pratibha Darshan. It was a theme-based programme on the famous dynasties of ancient India which gave an insight of its unique contributions and a long-lasting legacy in India. The show started with a melodic Prayer Song followed by graceful Welcome Dance which ended with a thunderous applause from the parents.

The Primary Headmistress, Ms. Vidhu Mohan greeted the gathering and stated that the programme based on Indian Dynasty was taken to inculcate the feelings of gratitude and respect towards the famous personalities who have been an integral part of Indian History.
Three languages were effectively hosted to unfold each show. Children portrayed the unwavering courage, strong determination, the strategic warfare of the rulers through skits, dances, Nukkad Natak, Dance Drama which enlightened the greatness of various dynasties. The children went an extra mile to make the event a grand success.
The Vice Principal, Ms. P. Kanchanavalli addressed the gathering and informed that these programmes are organised so that students reiterate the glory of the past and rich culture of Indian history.
The Chairman, Sri A. Murali Mukund appreciated the performances and informed that this platform helps students to acquire all the skills, ability to speak and deliver the knowledge to students. He also applauded the dances representing various dynasties.
The parents of Class V were amazed at the outstanding performances of their children and they expressed their gratitude to the management. They were grateful to the school for giving an opportunity to their children to exhibit such a magnificent show which was the blast from the past.
To exhibit a sense of belonging and bond between school and parents, a special parent talent show was organised wherein few parents enthusiastically took part and sang melodious songs which was truly praise worthy.

Posted on September 13, 2023


‘It’s better to see something once than to hear about it thousand times’. Our field trips are an opportunity to enter into the world of mystic power. It provides hand on learning experience, experiential learning opportunities where students connect to what they are learning in the classroom. Jubilee Hills Public School organized an educational field trip for the students of Classes I & II on 1st September 2023 to “Sudha Car Museum” which was informative and fun filled.

“Sudha Car Museum” is an automobile museum and displays “Crazy Cars” that resemble everyday objects. These cars are handmade by Sri.Kanyaboyina Sudhakar Yadav. He started it as his hobby in his school days and opened the dedicated museum in 2010, Sri.Yadav and his museum is mentioned in the Limca Book of Records and have also been featured on Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

The students loved watching cars in almost every shape one can think of. The students couldn’t hold their excitement about observing numerous shapes, sizes and colourful vehicles at one place. An ornament train with its bogies in the shapes of jewellery; cars in the shape of bridal dresses; the captivating ladies collection which includes cars in the shape of handbags, lipsticks, compact, stilettos and replicas of red London Buses were just a few of the cars that were exhibited. The student’s joy knew no bounds in exploring the various cars.
The students also watched the video clippings about how a newly designed car is taken for the test drive on the roads of Hyderabad and how the cars are often brought out of the museum for road shows where people can see them being driven.

The most memorable and exciting part for the students was to play and get into some of the cars and clicking photographs.

The educational trip to Sudha Cars Museum was informative and inspiring one. We saw new ideas converted to create pioneering designs using junk. We reached school with a thought to ponder upon that we must minimize the use of natural resources, recycle the stuffs to lead a comfortable life and protect our mother Earth for the generations to come.

Posted on September 4, 2023