The Rich Tradition of Commemorating the Vanamahotsav at the School premises continues at a grand scale, to this day. This Red letter day is to awaken the young minds to rise up to the occasion and work for the betterment of planet Earth. A Clarion call to the students to be aware of the alarming situation and save mother ‘Earth’.
A special Assembly was conducted wherein all constitutes of entertainment interspersed with the grave theme were presented by the students under the able guidance of the Science Department. The Programme began by Welcoming the Chief Guest Of the Day and our Honourable Chairman,Sri Murali Mukund. The Anchors of the day invited the Principal on the Dias to propose the Welcome Address for the Occasion. In her informative speech that followed, The Principal made the students aware that the U.N has declared this as the ‘Year of Millets’ and requesting students to take this forth.

¬Our Revered Chairman was then invited to the Dias for his much awaited Speech. In an interactive manner, he spoke his mind to the students and engaged the students of Classes 6 to 8 in a meaningful conversation. This was followed by the Chief Guest’s Address. It was an honour for Ms Durba Roy, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus as she expressed it at the outset of her Speech. She presented her valuable insights on Science, spoke to them regarding developing a scientific acumen towards nature and preserve it for the larger good.

The Tiny tots of the Pre Primary danced in a very lively manner to the Rhythmic tunes and stole the show. They conveyed the message on climatic changes which is due to man’s interference with nature thereby causing inconvenience to farmers. Yet another Dance performance by the Primary students enthralled the audience. The students of the Secondary section put up a Skit wherein they delved into tribal life and their simplicity giving us yet another message on conserving nature. The students mesmerized the audience with a beautiful rendition. The Programme concluded with the proposal of the vote of thanks.

The attention was then shifted to the new arena. The audience which comprised of parents of the performers was led to the Vishwam block for the Science Exhibition. The newly built Vishwam block housed the exhibits of the Science Exhibition prepared by the Students under the mentor age of Science teachers. “Avishkar” was inaugurated and opened for viewing and judgment. The guests were impressed with the exhibits and the presentation of the students. The Exhibits were as per the themes given to each class to broaden their horizons on scientific temperament.

The following were the themes assigned to each class.
Class 1 – Cave Dwellers to Sky Scrapers
Class 2 – Millets – The International Year of Millets
Class 3 to class 5 – Science Experiments
Class 6 – Science in Everyday life
Class 7 – Transport, Good health and Well being
Class 8- Sustainable Energy and Conservation
Class 9 –Sustainable Energy and Agriculture.
Class 10 – Medicine and Climate change.

Students participated enthusiastically and were appreciated by the audience. The Exhibition was open to the Primary Section on 14 July, Friday and to the Secondary section on 15 July 2023. An Exclusive invite was sent to the parents to visit the Exhibition on Saturday.
A month long toil of the Staff and students was translated into a grand success. Kudos to the Science faculty for their efforts.


Posted on July 15, 2023