Our Student Got Selected for IAS

“Fix your course on a star and you’ll navigate any storm”.
Jubilee Hills Public School, Hyderabad has churned out another star, as Pourush Sood secured an All India Rank 29 in UPSC and qualified for IAS in Civil Services Examination 2022.
The Chairman, Sri A. Murali Mukund has congratulated Pourush Sood on his incredible success. He recalls Pourush Sood having the spark in him from a young age, a boy who pushed his abilities and always worked hard to make this success happen.
The Principal, Smt. M. Varalakshmi says, “It is noteworthy that the seeds of excellence were sown during Pourush’s school days. He had topped the Class 10 CBSE Boards at the school level in 2013. His perseverance and dedication is an inspiration to everyone.”
The Staff and Management appreciate Pourush Sood on his amazing accomplishment and wishes him the best in his journey ahead.


Posted on June 8, 2023