Annual Day Celebrations

Jubilee Hills Public School celebrated its 33rd Annual Day with fervor and exuberance as the students jubilant in spirits showcased their talent and skills not only through a Cultural programme but also through the Prize Distribution awarded to the most outstanding students in Academics for the year 2018-19. The Annual Day was graced by the members of the Jubilee Hills Education Society, Managing Committee, parents, teachers, students, and the alumni.

The Principal, Ms. M. Varalakshmi presented the Annual Report highlighting the prominent features of the school, the achievements in academics and co-curricular activities for the year 2018 – 19.

The Secretary, Sri T. Harischandra Prasad, Jubilee Hills Education Society, blessed and encouraged the students with his presence. He reminded the audience about the importance of Constitution Day and that it should be a matter of pride to participate in its celebration. He further highlighted four of Fundamental duties that require the earliest attention of all. He urged everyone to value and preserve the rich heritage of our country,to protect the Indian culture as it has the potential to rule the world.

The Chairman, Shri A. Murali Mukund in his address highlighted the upheld school slogan-’Tradition and Technology’ which enlarges the scope for -’contemporary and futuristic’ vision and action for our young learners. He commended the students’ progress in research in the ATL lab and constant the efforts towards its continuity. He did the honour of introducing the Chief Guest of the day, Hon’ble Justice, A.Rajasheker Reddy, High Court, Hyderabad.

The Chief Guest of the day, Hon’ble Justice, A. Rajasheker Reddy in his address opined that education is a continuous process and education earns wisdom only if academics are not taken as the end but a means to progress. He stressed that for a wholesome personality of a student, schools should encourage a balance between Academics, Cultural and Sports activities. He congratulated the Management of Jubilee Hills Public School for maintaining these parameters to be of foremost importance and providing excellent facilities and opportunities to its young learners. He stressed on the significance and value of education for one and all. He concluded his speech by administering an oath with the aim to bind and uphold the constitution with its salient directives for all present.

The Chief Guest did the honours of bestowing the numerous and varied awards upon the deserving students. This fortifies our upheld policy of nurturing and honoring the merit of our deserving students; who have not only achieved their goals but brought glory and fame to themselves, their parents and also the school. This sets and encourages their juniors to break the existing records and raise the bar with better performances.

The CBSE Class X, topper was Nikhil Patnaik, his pinnacle of success was being the recipient of ‘The President’s Best All Rounder Award’, for topping 4 Subjects in the CBSE 2018-19. The CBSE Class XII, School Topper Award was bestowed on Madiha Minhaj.

The cultural programme enthralled everyone; the audience was awestruck with the talent and skill revealed in each performance. There were feet tapping Dances, side-splitting skits fortified with a skit based on ‘Women Empowerment’ not forgetting the spritely song sung by the Nightingale, Lakheiya. The timely gap-fillers were equally entertaining and their careful planning gave away JHPS’ skill in managing time in a programme of such magnitude. The climax of the evening that enraptured the audience was with the grand finale a live jam session between our various skilled instrumentalists who composed a ‘Jugalbandi’.The calls for ‘Encore’ rent the air, as appreciation for the skills showcased heightened.

The parents were invited to voice their reviews on the talent packed programme, each review was bursting with appreciation. The cultural programme was followed by the proposal of a Vote of Thanks by the Head Girl. The event came to a close with the National Song as a tribute to our nation.

Posted on November 30, 2019

Baby’s Day Out

‘Baby’s Day Out’ for classes II and III was organized on 23rd November, 2019 at Jubilee Hills Public School. Every year, this exhilarating and adventurous camping experience is organized to bring in a feeling of sharing, caring and friendly approach amongst the children. It was a day out with their teachers and friends, away from their parents. One could see children’s faces lit with joy as they came at around 8:00 a.m. and were warmly welcomed by the Headmistress, Ms. C. Srilatha and their teachers. The morning started with a prayer and a welcome dance. Next were some energetic and stunning dance performances by the kids which enthralled them.

A variety of Outdoor and Indoor Activities such as Musical Hulla Hoops, Shuttle Run Relay, Football Dribbling Relay, Fitness Ladders Relay, Zorbing, Hurdle Relay, Ball Passing Relay, Bouncy Castle, Tug of war and Board games which were so thrilling,were planned to amuse the little ones. Photo Shoot with a variety of props was done for each child. Delicious food was served to them for lunch. They enjoyed the food while chatting with their peers. Watching a movie in the company of their friends was exciting and exceptional, as the students sang songs and enjoyed every moment of the day.

The children enjoyed the snacks and joined the evening’s most awaited event ‘bonfire’ where they danced and rejoiced themselves with all the energy they had. They were then given a special return gift. The parents thanked the School Management for organizing such an event to inculcate a feeling of responsibility in the children.

Posted on November 23, 2019

I Thrive | Tarang

Jubilee Hills Public School steered the skill and talent of each and every student of Class II through a remarkable show on the theme- I Thrive-’An Opportunity to learn, grow and succeed’. The programme is the mirroring of the values which needs to be inculcated in the minds of our little ones to make them a good citizen, in other words to make them great humans. In this fast moving world. We, as parents and teachers have a great responsibility to imbibe the true values in our children. The programme started with a prayer song and a welcome dance.

The entire programme was very well anchored in three languages. The dances, skits, dramas and the role plays were well performed by the students with fluent dialogue delivery and natural acting. Children portrayed the values of appreciations, enthusiasm, curiosity, collaboration, creativity, confidence and last but not the least empathy.

It was an eye opener for the parents and teachers to understand the values of life and made it a mark in the minds of the audience to be happy and contented and to count their blessing what they have in life.

The parents of Class II were overwhelmed with impressive and thoughtful performances of their children and thanked the Management and teachers for giving an opportunity to their children to bring out the best. They thanked the teachers for their hardwork, efforts and dedication. The closing dance,to the tune ‘Agipo Balyamma’ portrayed the days of childhood touched the hearts of everyone.

Posted on November 16, 2019