Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture Ceremony at Jubilee Hills Public School, for the Academic Session 2019-20 was conducted with great enthusiasm and fervour. The event was presided by the Chief Guest, Sri. T. Harischandra Prasad, Secretary, Jubilee Hills Education Society and attended by the Principal, teachers, parents and students.

The investiture ceremony is solemnised to induct the members of the Student Council. This ceremony officially reposes the newly appointed office bearers with their responsibilities to help in the day to day functioning of the school. The programme commenced with a welcome address by the Principal, Ms.M.Varalakshmi. She explained about the election process to the audience. She highlighted that the school prepares the leaders of tomorrow and vests in them the power to lead the Student Council and take responsibility.

The Chief Guest, Sri. T. Harischandra Prasad, administered the oath to the new cabinet and did the honours by pinning the badges. He stated the two habits which the student leaders should not have, the first being ‘Procrastination’ and the second ‘Laissez Faire’. He said that the true leaders believe in systematic work and take decisions on time. He advised the Council members to start acting now and organize many activities in school for their teams and houses and ensure that these programmes are run efficiently with methodical planning and organization.
The vibrant cultural extravaganza was much applauded by the audience. A skit on the late Sri Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy who lead the people of Rayalasema to fight against the British was enacted to emphasise the duties and responsibilities of a true leader. The programme ended with The National Song.

Posted on June 30, 2019

International Yoga Day

The International Yoga Day was celebrated with a high level of enthusiasm by the students in the open auditorium of JHPS. A Yoga team of Instructors from the ISHA Foundation was invited to lead and guide the keen and energy charged Students from classes VI to X.

The event began with the lead yoga Instructor of the ISHA team informing the students about the immeasurable benefits of the art of yoga, and the foremost reason why it has been a regular practice with health conscious people, down the ages from ancient times. The benefits have spread world-wide and its much practiced and beneficial asanas today have reached the level of a world – wide international status. He advised and suggested to the students that they should find a slot in their daily life style to practice yoga. Since yoga forms a balance between the body and mind, it sets the mind free of stress as mental peace takes over. He further emphasized, that with the mind refreshed students’ concentration level on studies or games is bound to heighten making them more receptive and active.

The participants began the session with meditation to calm down and be at ease and tranquil as a preparation to begin the asana and progress through the session. A demonstration of a few asanas was given to point out the supple and smooth movement of the body which appears easy but requires conscious concentrated movement of the body to attain the right movement and benefit. After the required directions were given the session proceeded with part of the instructors upfront as demonstrators and part of the instructors as assisting guides to the students making it a 100% interactive participation. The students felt relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of the session ready to face their class schedules for the day.

Before closing the session the lead instructor opened a Question – Answer session to iron out any doubts or queries the students may have. It was an experience and learning to take home and exercise as a daily routine and reap the benefits of yoga.

Posted on June 21, 2019