Chairman Profile

A. Murali Mukund, has a passion for education and with a keen desire to ignite young minds, got motivated to join hands in shaping the institution since 2007. He is committed to providing holistic education to children in an invigorating environment.

Over the years, A. Murali Mukund has been well recognized for his contribution in the education sector. JHPS is a unique school which serves to form a bridge between the inner growth of students with pragmatic demands of modern world. Under his leadership, the school has won numerous awards and emerged as one of the best schools in India.
A. Murali Mukund has been the pioneering force behind introducing advanced and sophisticated infrastructure like smart boards and e-technology for all the classrooms way back in 2007 at JHPS, which set the trend of e-learning in Hyderabad.

He has also introduced top notch modern technology labs in the school like

  • English lab to improve Listening, Speaking,
  • Reading and Writing skills 3D labs for visualization of science and math concepts
  • ATL tinkering lab to encourage innovative projects
  • Khan Academy for Math concepts to ensure hands on learning
  • Journalism club and school magazine ‘Hillside News’ to enhance the literary skills of students.
  • Robotics for STEAM education.

A humanitarian at heart, A. Murali Mukund has sponsored school and college fees for many poor students in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He has also donated furniture and equipment to many government and small private schools in remote areas


JHPS is committed to offer quality education at an affordable cost. The school offers a world class environment with modern infrastructure, futuristic technology and impeccable facilities. The students are nurtured with good communication skills and confidence to interact at any forum and achieve great heights across fields, nationally and internationally.
The school takes pride in upholding the cultural and traditional values of India. Children are encouraged to participate in sports to learn
the importance of teamwork while staying fit. Value Education is part of the curriculum. Children are also exposed to learn about the importance of industries by organizing career counselling orientations. Students are encouraged to question, explore, apply and test their knowledge, while respecting each other’s opinions and decisions, sowing the seeds of etiquette and manners, leading them towards being responsible citizens and good human beings.

Murali Mukund,
Jubilee Hills Public School,