JHPS knows that a fit body means a fit mind. With the brain-boosting and health-enhancing benefits of exercise well established, the School has installed an ultra modern Gym for Teachers. Having a Gym in the premises helps in managing physical and mental stress.

Health Card

Jubilee Hills Public School endeavors to create the best possible environment for its students and teachers. In its constant striving to create educators who will put forth their best, it recognizes the need for a stress free environment for the teachers in school as well as at home. In its constant pursuit of being humane, compassionate and empathetic towards teachers, the school has incorporated the Health card which provides Rs. 1,00,000/- coverage for hospitalization for staff.

Staff Picnics

The teachers of Jubilee Hills Public School strive hard for the perfection of their students and work hard throughout the year. In recognition of their dedicated service to the institution, the management gives an opportunity to the teaching and non- teaching staff to go on a staff picnic to unwind and get rejuvenated.

The staff picnic which is a beloved tradition here is a very important annual ritual that is well organized with planned activities. This helps the teachers to interact, integrate and bond with each other in an informal setting which is an important part of a well rounded staff appreciation programme.

100% Attendance Award

Jubilee Hills Public School recognizes, appreciates and values the efforts of educators who manifest clearly their diligence to their work and the institution by their consistent regularity. The teachers who demonstrate their sincerity by attaining 100% attendance in an academic year are applauded and awarded for their achievement by the management every year. The annual 100% attendance award inspires and influences the teachers to strive for perfection and regular attendance.

Staff Welfare Fund

Regular employees can avail loans from the school on the event of marriage / education / festival / sickness.

Annual Gifts

Many teachers chose their career path for the satisfaction and reward of influencing young lives, and making a difference to the future. Jubilee Hills Public School realizes the importance of Teachers and appreciates their efforts and hard work. Annual gifts are given every year during Teachers Day Celebrations as a token of appreciation.

Provident Fund

Staff provided with the Provident Fund along with the Management Contribution.


Gratuity provided to the staff members after their retirement from their services.

Employee Deposit Linked Insurance

In case of sudden death of any staff member during the service the nominee gets the amount insured.

Professional Development

The School management believes strongly in uplifting standards, promoting cooperation and maintaining harmony amongst the teachers. It believes that a teacher facilitator should compulsorily be an innovator who strives to devise creative activities/lessons that not only engage the students optimally but also upholds the traditional values relevant to the concerns of the community.
The Jubilee Hills Skill Development centre was created in the year 2010 with the aim of structuring teacher development programmes in such a way as to ensure its relevance in the changing needs of present day school education. To further its aim in a more focused manner, the Student Centric- S.T.E.P Strategic Teacher Empowerment Programme came into being in the year 2012 with a view to guide and trains the teachers. The Student Centric STEP provides them with opportunities of self-learning after assimilation of new ideas in order to empower them and develop creative and critical thinking ability in them. Expert Resource Persons are regularly invited to do workshops and training sessions for teachers to further develop and enhance their professional abilities as well as their humanitarian qualities with the former being important to do their job and the latter in doing that job well in an empathetic, humane and compassionate manner.