Field Trip by Secondary classes 9 & 10.

VENUE : GHMC Rain Water Harvesting Park by students of Std 9 & 10.

On 8.08.23, the school organized a field trip to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Rain Water Harvesting Park in Hyderabad. The primary objective of the trip was to provide students with an interactive learning experience about rainwater harvesting, water conservation, and sustainable practices in urban environments. The field trip started in the morning when our school buses arrived at the GHMC Rain Water Harvesting Park. The excitement among students was palpable.

The students stepped off the buses and were greeted by knowledgeable guides who led us through the park’s various exhibits and activities. The group was divided into smaller batches, each accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. The guide led the students through the park, explaining rainwater harvesting techniques, models, and installations. The students got a chance to see the various ways rainwater could be collected and stored. They also visited the Talking Tree theme park and the mini theatre where they saw informative videos on steps taken to conserve rainwater. At different points along the tour, there were interactive demonstrations where students could actively engage with the rainwater harvesting systems. We visited the zodiac sign park where there were trees resembling different sun signs. The park showcased scaled-down models of buildings, houses, and landscapes, each equipped with different rainwater harvesting systems. This allowed us to visualize how these systems could be integrated into real-life scenarios and make a positive impact on water conservation.

Once the tour ended questions were posed by our guide. This provided an opportunity to clarify any doubts the students had and learn more about the practical implementation of rainwater harvesting techniques. The field trip to the GHMC Rain Water Harvesting Park had a profound educational impact on all the students. The students gained insights into the significance of rainwater harvesting in addressing water scarcity and learned how small actions can have a big impact on water conservation. The interactive nature of the trip made the concepts more relatable and memorable. The field trip directly complemented what the students learned in the classrooms about environmental conservation and sustainable practices. Seeing real-world examples, being able to interact with the installations reinforced the understanding and inspired the students to consider how practices can help in day to day life.

In conclusion, the school field trip to the GHMC Rain Water Harvesting Park was a memorable and enriching experience for all. The park’s dedication to education and community engagement makes it an exceptional resource for promoting sustainable practices among the younger generation.

Posted on September 27, 2023