Competitions are designed to complete a task in given time. This usually entails to showcase students talent to reach their goal.

Jubilee Hills Public School, Hyderabad conducted an Inter Section Novelty Race Competition for classes LKG and UKG on 12.12.2023 & 18.12.2023.

All the students were provided with rigorous practices to ensure their best performance. These practices were to familiarize the students with the race in advance and following time lines. All races were planned in accordance to their age and capabilities.

The races were “Pick and Drop relay”, “Zig Zag relay”, Running race and Bean bag race for UKG students and “Spot Marker relay”, “Ball passing relay” and Running race were conducted for LKG students.

The students not only enjoyed the challenges but also experienced a sense of accomplishment upon successfully completing the tasks. This concept serves to foster the development of essential skills. Such as concentration, creativity, memory, time management, language and team work.

Principal JHPS

Posted on January 25, 2024