About Pre-Primary Wing

Pre-Primary wing was founded with the mission of providing the best educational inputs for future generations. The aim is to develop achievers par excellence, who imbibe the qualities and values, required to be wholesome, outstanding individuals measuring up to the highest standards in the global milieu.

Learning must be a joy. Hence, we believe that children need holistic development, enabling them to evolve into global citizens that respect traditional values, while incorporating contemporary thought; who empathize with others, while taking care of themselves too in a highly competitive world; who are endowed with environmental awareness, who remain grounded to their roots while being steeped in academic excellence, exhibit universal human values and appreciate everything sacred about the Earth. We also foster team spirit, freshness and clarity in thought and freedom of expression.

Our kindergarten curriculum is remarkable as it neither alienates the understanding of Indian values and social structure nor does it blindly follow the American/Montessori method of preschool education. We have created a teaching programme that retains the Indian culture in its core but is adapted and developed in such a manner that it is at par and, perhaps, even better than most international pre-school education formats.

Our school curriculum derives its strength from a group of renowned educationists who make sure that every aspect of preschool education is taken care of. Students enrolled with JHKS benefit from the use of a vastly-researched curriculum, world-class infrastructure and a teaching methodology of international standards. We owe our success to the fact that we have been able to blend learning with fun which is perhaps, the most vital and crucial element for any kindergarten school approach to be termed as successful and effective.